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What is FTA (Free-to-Air)?

Free-to-air channels are free digital channels. There are no subscription fees or activation charges to pay, but you do need a special digital receiver and of course a satellite dish. There are both C-band and Ku-band Free-to-Air signals. The signal compression method used to transfer the signals from the satellite to your satellite dish is called MPEG-2. The FTA satellite receivers we sell are DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) compliant.

Depending on the equipment you currently have, the types of programming that interest you most and the investment you're willing to make, we can help you put together a Free-to-Air set-up that fits your needs. If you don't have any satellite equipment, you can put together a system quite inexpensively, depending on what you are interested in viewing. If you currently have a big dish system or Ku-band system, adding a FTA receiver might be the only additional equipment necessary. Talk with our representatives to find out what would work best for you.

EQUIPMENT: There are many different FTA receivers currently on the market. One option is to order the Traxis 3500 FTA receiver with FTA channels and satellite(s) already programmed in. It's as easy as buying the Traxis 3500 and the pre-load option(s) you want. We'll program your receiver before it ships out the door. We even offer on-line install instructions for the Traxis 3500 and other FTA receivers we sell..

PROGRAMMING: The variety of FTA programming available is nearly as varied as the world in which we live - International language channels, special interest channels, even sports and network channels. And while the number of free-to-air channels grows every month, free-to-air is always changing and evolving. Some channels cease to exist, others move to other locations. But there's never a shortage of interesting programming.

FTA systems cannot receive package programming sold from programming companies. Signals from DirecTV, Dish Network and others are not free-to-air. They are paid channels and require a subscription. Reception of subscription channels without paying for them is illegal and subject to fines and imprisonment.


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