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Multi-feed Dish Configuration

Not for the faint of heart, but certainly for the enthusiastic and adventurous, is this multi-feed dish configuration. Taking advantage of a fixed dish set-up, this configuration allows reception across at least a 35° azimuth arc in a typical US lower 48 state location.

This 180cm (6') Offset Ku-band Antenna with multi-feed:

  • Provides a huge amount of signal when compared to typical consumer installation
  • Extra signal results in minimal weather-related outages common on smaller antennas

This antenna is installed at Skyvision in Fergus Falls, MN, receiving 12 Ku-band satellites from 107.3° W to 79.0° W including:

  • 107.3 Anik F1R
  • 103.0 AMC-1
  • 101.0 AMC-2 & 4
  • 99.0 Galaxy 16
  • 97.0 Galaxy 19
  • 95.0 Galaxy 3C
  • 93.0 Galaxy 25
  • 91.0 Galaxy 17
  • 89.0 Galaxy 28
  • 87.0 AMC-3
  • 83.0 AMC-9
  • 79.0 AMC-5

Two of these antennas are capable of covering the 129° W to 72.0° W orbital positions from most US locations.

The first two images at the right show a front and side view of the dish, multi-feed assembly and LNBs. The bottom image shows the use of two 8-way DiSEqC switches.

Interested in putting together a set-up like this? Give us a call and see how this unique Ku-band dish configuration could work for you.

multi-feed dish

multi-feed dish

multi-feed dish

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