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1.   How do I set the east and west limits on my Motorola 4DTV?   You will have to press options 6, 4, 3. This will get you to the 'Set Dish Limits' menu referenced in the Operator's Guide. Highlight the 'east limit' and then press the left arrow key. Move the dish to where you want the limit to be. Then highlight the 'west limit' and press the right arrow button. Move the dish back to the west. Generally, you will want to set your limit 5 clicks past the most eastern and western satellites.
2.   How do I hook the wires up to my Motorola 4DTV receiver?   There are four wires that come in from the dish mover, two large wires and two smaller wires. The two larger wires connect to M1 or M2 on the back of your receiver. (If the motor wires are connected backwards, the dish will move backwards. Switching the two wires will solve this problem.) The smaller wires will go on SEN (or pulse) and GRD. It does not matter which one goes where. The servo (or polarizer) wires are red, white and black. The red wire connects to 5 volts, the white wire connects to pulse and the black wire hooks up to ground.
3.   The time is wrong on my Motorola 4DTV receiver clock. How do I reset it?   The clock on your 4DTV receiver is controlled by your program provider. When it is wrong, simply go to the homing satellite (G-10, channel 7 or 13) and let the receiver collect the information. Make sure that the front panel DC-LED is illuminated to confirm that you are getting a strong enough signal to collect the data. At that point you can also call your provider to correct the time.
4.   Why am I getting digital break-up or tiling on my digital channels?   When digital break-up or tiling appears on a digital channel with the 4DTV, your signal is not strong enough. Adjust the dish east or west or adjust 'skew' to maximize the quality of the signal. The higher the signal quality, the less chance of tiling. Generally you will need a quality of at least 30 to lock the picture in. If neither one corrects the problem, then the LNB may need replacement.
5. My Motorola 4DTV receiver locked up. What can I do? A number of things could cause your receiver to lock up. If it is in the middle of programming and suddenly won't respond to the remote, try the buttons on the front panel of the receiver. It is possible the remote was inadvertently set to 'tv/vcr' mode. Another good general purpose cure-all is to unplug the power cord from the wall, count to 10, then plug it back in. This resets the micro-processor in the receiver as well as the VC module. If the receiver won't respond to the remote at all, be sure the code in the receiver is the same code that is in the remote. It is suggested that the default code of AO in the receiver be used so when batteries are changed in the remote, the remote will not need to be reprogrammed for the satellite receiver.
6. How can I activate the internal volume control on my Motorola 4DTV receiver? The internal volume control can be activated two different ways, depending on which model receiver you own. On the DSR 920, hold down the 4DTV button on the remote for 5 seconds. When the LED starts blinking enter the code of either 100, 101, 102 or 103. For each code you will need to hold the 4DTV button before moving to the next code. On the DSR 922 you will simply hold the satellite button on the remote for 5 seconds until the LED starts blinking, then release the sat button and depress the sat button one time. This will allow the DSR 922 to work the internal volume control.
7. How can I use my Motorola 4DTV remote to control my other 4DTV receivers? The 4DTV has 4 different addresses for the remote control. This allows a user to have up to four different 4Dtv receivers and still have just one remote to control all of them. To look at what address your 4DTV is, hit the up or down arrow key on the front panel simultaneously. This will show on the front panel as A0, A1, A2 or A3. By using the up or down key you can scroll to the address you want. Once this has been changed on the front panel, you then address the remote to the same code by holding the 4DTV button or SAT button on the remote until it flashes. Then enter in the appropriate matching code such as 100, 101, 102 or 103.

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