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Free To Air MPEG-2 FAQ

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1. Are there many ways to hook up a Free-to-Air MPEG receiver?   Most MPEG receivers have a loop-through connection to hook the C or KU-Band LNB to and then loop it back to the main receiver. You will still need to hook the MPEG receiver to the TV. This can be done by hooking the output of the MPEG receiver to the antenna input on the main receiver or by hooking it directly to the TV if there is an extra input on the back. Another option is to use two high frequency splitters to split the C-KU cables before the main receiver, hook it to a DiSEqC switch and then to the receiver. This allows the MPEG to automatically switch between the two bands. All of these components are reasonably priced in our catalog.
2. If a DiSEqC switch is used, is it important to turn on the DiSEqC function in your MPEG receiver?   Yes. Then go into the satellite memory and specify on each C and KU satellite which port of the DiSEqC has the LNB hooked up to it. Otherwise you will not get a signal since the MPEG receiver will not be able to receive the signal from the switch.
3. Since Free-to-Air MPEG signals are changing daily, what is a good site to visit?   Our MPEG-2 charts. Here you will find the necessary information to use when inputting the correct Symbol Rates and Downlink Frequencies.
4. On most Free-to-Air MPEG receivers, are the only two pieces of information that may need to be changed in order to obtain channels the Downlink Frequency and the Symbol Rate?   Yes. These are the heart of a channel and can be obtained here.
5. Since Free-To-Air (FTA) signals are compressed signals, is it important that the dish be properly aligned to receive these signals? If the dish is off even a little it will cause problems receiving the signals. Compressed signals are tighter than KU signals so even if your dish is aligned for KU it still may need more adjusting for MPEG-2.
6. Do Free-To-Air (FTA) compressed signals need a good LNB to receive good signals? As a rule, if your LNB is a few years old it may not be stable enough for the digital signals. If you are seeing a lot of breaking up or 'tiling' in the picture and can't clear it up by dish adjustment or skew, the next step would be to try an LNB with a lower stability rate.
7. When tiling or digital break-up occurs, should I try adjusting the main receiver east or west and also the polarity or skew? Even though the C or KU-Band signal may be coming in well, fine-tuning may still be needed in order to pick up the more compressed MPEG-2 signal.
8. Do most Free-to-Air MPEG-2 receivers modulate the signal out to a TV via the coax cable and use channel 3 or 4? Most analog receivers have a switch on the back of the unit for Channel 3 or 4 but this is not the case with most MPEG receivers. This is controlled through the menus. If you can't get the menus up and you have a rolling picture, change the channel on the TV to either 3 or 4 so you can view the menus.
9. Do most Free-to-Air MPEG-2 receivers work on PAL or NTSC signals?   If you see a rolling picture you may have selected PAL. NTSC is used for North American signals and PAL is a European format. Check the owner's manual and find where in the menus to switch this. Even though you can't see the menus they are still there. Some units have this function built on the remote.
10. Can I use a FTA receiver to get premium channels from Dish Network or DirecTV?   NO! Programming from sources like Dish Network or DirecTV require a subscription and special receivers supplied directly by the service provider. Tampering with your FTA receiver's hardware or attempting a software modification in order to receive premium channels without paying for a subscription is a violation of the law. In addition, this will also void your FTA receiver warranty and may render it unusable. Skyvision does not support unethical or illegal use of equipment for the purpose of stealing subscription programming.
11. When collecting channels from the Free-to-Air MPEG receiver, why do I run across some good clear channels with no audio?   Some channels are scrambled this way and will have no audio.

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