MPEG-2 & 4 Free-to-Air Receivers

Get more channels with a
FTA (Free-To-Air)receiver!

Networks, sports feeds, news, wild feeds, international programming. It's all within reach - set up a designated FTA MPEG-2 & 4 system or upgrade your current C-band system - and the world is just a remote click away. No subscription fees, no activation charges. *800+/- channels available with C-band and Ku-band. The programming changes often, opening up a whole sky full of viewing opportunities. If you love the world of scanning, searching and playing with your satellite system, you can't go wrong with Free-To-Air. For an idea of what programming is available check out the FTA channel listings. C-Band and Ku-Band.

transparent.gif UHF Kit for Pansat FTA Receivers
Works with Pansat 2100A, 2300A, 2500A, 2700A, 2800A, 3500SD and 3500S.
C/Ku-Band FTA MPEG-2 Accessory Kit
Everything you need to integrate your new MPEG-2 receiver into your existing system.
7015028-125.jpg Pansat 150M MPEG-2 Receiver
Smart Search and PVR functions!
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5000072-125.jpg Easy Find Digital LNBF
Works with the Traxis DBS4000 Digital Satellite Receiver.
7002005-125.jpg Manhattan RS-1933 Receiver
The Manhattan RS-1933 is a revolutionary receiver that offers free-to-air reception in both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video formats. High definition video where available, automatic internal processing of Dolby AC-3, other audio formats and featuring blind scan, the Manhattan RS-1933 is the latest FTA receiver to hit the market. PBS channels, Retro TV, ME-TV service and classic television.
1000037-125.jpg V-Box 7 Positioner
transparent.gif FTA Pre-Loads for Manhattan RS-1933
Pre-loads make it easy to get your favorite FTA channels!
Traxis DBS6000HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Receiver
Lastest from Traxis
7015031-125.jpg Pansat 9500HDX Receiver
Loaded with features
This item is not available for shipment today. Please enter your order to be placed on our priority shipping list.
1015003-125.jpg Pansat AP600
Dish Positioner

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