C-band Surge Protection

Lightning can damage and destroy your satellite system! Even electrical fluctuations such as voltage spikes and surges can instantly harm your equipment, while smaller surges will cause cumulative damage that will ultimately result in failure. We carry the best in the industry so you can relax the next time you hear that crash of thunder.
3000105-125.jpg Surgender
3000094[1]-125.jpg PANAMAX Allpath® Max® ANT/CATV Module
8500045-125.jpg C-Band Surge Protection Kit
Lightening causes 25% of all system failures. Protect your entire system with our C-Band surge protection kit.
3000117-125.jpg PANAMAX MOD-DBSTV
3000122-125.jpg Panamax MOD-SPKP Module
Added protection from surges through dish mover or servo wires.

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