Do the job better with tools designed specifically for satellite systems.
9000043.jpg Satlook Mark III
0g-coordin.jpg Site Coordinates
Available for either C- or Ku-band.
2500057-125.jpg Coax Stripper Kit
2500059.jpg Deluxe Crimping Tool
9000034-125.jpg Magnetic Post Level
9000035.jpg Cable Tool and Fitting Kit
900006-125.jpg Suunto Compass
transparent.gif Optional Accessory Kit for SkyPeaker Trio II™
9000080-125.jpg Digisat II Meter Tune-Up Kit
Tune your satellite system like a pro!
9000089-125.jpg Probe & Tone Tester
9000013.jpg Suunto Compass/Inclinometer
9000084_kit-125.jpg Skyvision Satellite Finder Tune-Up Kit
9000083-125.jpg Universal Satellite Finder
Pinpoint the strongest signal. You'll be amazed at how easy it is!
transparent.gif RG-11 Hex Crimp Tool
transparent.gif RG-11 Coax Stripper
9000091-125.jpg Acutrac 22 Pro
Now it's easier than ever to align multi-feed systems!
9000101-125.jpg Steren Pocket CD Cable Toner Tester
Easily test your satellite signal.
9000111-125.jpg Satellite Locator Survey Tool
Eliminate the guesswork.
9000010-125.jpg Magnetic Polycast® Protractor Aiming Tool
9000108-125.jpg Multiscanner® Onestep™ Electronic Stud Finder
Finds more than just studs.
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9000123-125.jpg Super Buddy™ Satellite Meter
Fast accurate results.
9000124-125.jpg Compression Tool and Fitting Kit
Everything you need!
9000115-125.jpg Voltage Meter
Easy to use!
9000136-125.jpg Digisat II Meter
A better way to tune it yourself.
9000130-125.jpg Birdog Meter 4.0 USB PLUS
NEW 4.0 features Spectrum Analyzer and QPSK Constellation diagram.
This item is not available for shipment today. Please enter your order to be placed on our priority shipping list.
9000137-125.jpg Trimax SM-2500 Satellite Meter
View the actual channel on the screen of the meter! Built-in spectrum analyzer.
9000138-125.jpg First Strike FS1 Meter
6500005-125.jpg Off-Air Site Coordinates
Locate all the digital channels available in your area with custom over-the-air (OTA) site coordinates.

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