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MURS Hand Held Radio Kit

The new MURS Alert™ offers the ability to monitor activity at remote locations. The MURS Alert™ transmitter utilizes passive infrared sensor technology that will send an alert signal to the MURS transceivers in order to notify you that someone has entered a monitored area. The MURS Alert™ transmitter is capable of sending 4 different alert messages to the transceiver. The alert signals will be in spoken English and are easily selected at the transmitter so that separate zones can be monitored at the same time. MURS Alert™ will give you real time monitoring of remote locations up to several miles away. The MURS Alert™ has many different applications; it can be used by security guards, small businesses and also by hunters monitoring game trails; any scenario that requires immediate notification when someone or something enters a monitored location. Authorized by the FCC, MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) is a license free service that allows the user to transmit voice and data. MURS allows a maximum of 2 watts of output power.
Includes one MURS Alert™ transmitter and one M538-HT hand-held transceiver.

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