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Traxis DBS3500 MPEG-2 Receiver

Blind Search function in this receiver makes it easier to program satellites. SCPC/MCPC receivable from C- and Ku-band satellites. 100 satellite, 4000 channel memory and EPG display of title and information.

Spec Sheet

Q. I see AC-3 (Dolby Digital) listed on some FTA channels. Can I get these channels in Dolby Digital with my Traxis 3500?
Yes, however the set-up required to upgrade a Traxis 3500 can be complicated and is not recommended for the typical user. When purchasing a Traxis 3500, Skyvision can load the AC-3 files before shipping your receiver (additional cost of $20 applies). If you already own a Traxis 3500 and are interested in the AC-3 upgrade, you can send your receiver to Skyvision for the upgrade ($20 upgrade fee applies plus S&H). To find out more information contact Skyvision's Tech Department at 218-739-5232.

Now available with optional Pre-Load! Details
We've taken the work out of programming MPEG-2 FTA receivers! Purchase a Traxis 3500 FTA receiver and then buy your Pre-Load option. We'll program the receiver before it ships to you. What could be easier? And no additional monthly subscription fees...this is Free-To-Air!

Now it's easier than ever to enjoy free-to-air programming. Choose a Pre-Load option and your Traxis 3500 arrives pre-programmed with FTA satellites and FTA channels. And with free-to-air, there are never any monthly subscription fees! Choose from Ku-band FTA satellites, C-band FTA satellites, Specific Language Channels, Gospel Channels or even a specific satellite. Yes, I want to know more...

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