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Manhattan RS-1933 Receiver

The Manhattan is capable of MPEG-2 as well as MPEG-4 reception, in both the DVB-S and DVB-S2 formats. Reliable and easy to operate blind scanning functions find new and unknown channels in all of these formats. Up to 100 satellite and 7000 channel capacity. A single circuit board design eliminates the need for separate DVB-S2 modules, with the end result being a better and more reliable product that has little or no heating buildup. Breakthroughs in receiver design have dramatically lowered pricing over previous competition. Many functions that previously required detailed setup such as manually inputting complex data in order to accomplish a blind scan for DVB-S2 signals have been replaced by a number of automatic features. Dolby digital audio and several other audio formats are processed internally and automatically without the need for additional equipment. High Definition is processed automatically, and can be connected to your HD set with either an HDMI cable or direct component cables (red/green/blue video). RCA connections are supplied, so standard definition equipment can use the standard Yellow composite video port. Red and White RCA audio connections are also available. DVR functionality is built in, allowing for a USB connection to a memory stick for data transfer and occasional recording. We recommend purchase of a separate external hard drive with dedicated power supply for maximum storage capacity, flexibility and reliability of recording and archiving. Spec Sheet

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