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DSR410 W5 Equipment Package

Call for pricing and availability

Get this package - DSR-410 receiver, 6' prime focus dish and C-band LNBF then subscribe to any DSR410 package. Get great programming choices in superior digital quality without expensive Ku-band upgrades. Previously owned receivers, quality tested. Here's a value-priced alternative to expensive upgrades. And this offer is only available from Skyvision. SAVE $120 over individual equipment prices.

The programming is all on C-band. No need to have an actuator arm, everything is on one satellite, even the programming guide! No need to spend a lot either. Packages are priced right and filled with the channels you want to watch.

See the programming choices. Call to order programming - 800-500-9268
Get the scoop on DSR410 and what it can do for you!

  • Create a favorite channel list
  • Easily find programs with on-screen guide
  • Set password protected parental control
  • Program timers to record your favorites
  • Dolby AC-3

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