Off-Air Antenna

We've selected easy-to-assemble antennas that mount easily and provide good, clear reception, depending on your distance from the signal source. To find out how far you are "as the crow flies" from your favorite station's broadcast tower (not the main studio), call the station. We've rated the antennas by their maximum-distance performance to make it easy to pick the one that's perfect for you.
1531006[1]-125.jpg Omni-directional Off-Air Antenna
Small multi-directional for VHF and UHF reception up to 15 miles.
1500029.jpg PerfectVision® Antenna
Medium directional antenna for reception within 45 miles of a broadcast tower.
6000031-125.jpg STEALTHtenna VHF/UHF/FM Antenna
Medium multi-directional antenna - range of 30 miles for UHF signals and 45 miles for VHF signals.
transparent.gif Single Grounding Block
2000059-125.jpg Dual Grounding Block
1500088-125.jpg SquareShooter™ SS-1000 Antenna
Medium multi-directional. Easy to install HDTV antenna!
1500088-125.jpg SquareShooter™ SS-2000 Antenna
Medium amplified multi-directional.
1500099-125.jpg RS-2000 Roadstar™ RV TV Antenna
Off-air TV for your RV - Even going down the road!
1519003-125.jpg Eagle Aspen DTV2BUHF HTDV Compatible UHF Antenna
UHF small directional antenna great for metro areas.
1500082-125.jpg Remote Controlled UHF/VHF Antenna
Medium Directional. Rotatable and HDTV ready!
1531016-125.jpg HD7697P Fringe Antenna
Medium Directional. Up to 60 mile range.
1531015-125.jpg HD7084P Deep Fringe Antenna
Large Directional. Up to 80 mile range.
1531017-125.jpg HD4400 4-Bay UHF HD Antenna
Small directional. Great for HD.
1500047-125.jpg Heavy Duty Rotator with IR Remote
3020006-125.jpg HD Pre-amplifier
Add oomph to your antenna.
6500005-125.jpg Off-Air Site Coordinates
Locate all the digital channels available in your area with custom over-the-air (OTA) site coordinates.
1500209-125.jpg Fracarro 6HD Wideband UHF Antenna
High quality HD digital UHF antenna

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