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DISH UHF Upgrade Kit

Extend the reach of your remote control! The IR-to-UHF Upgrade kit turns your plain old IR DISH remote control into a UHF remote that can control an IR DISH Network receiver from much farther away - even through walls that block IR signals. Use the UHF Pro remote control in any room. The remote control that comes with the kit still gives you easy access to all the features of a DISH Network satellite TV receiver. In fact, this remote will control the satellite receiver and up to three other devices - TVs, VCRs DVD players and more. (UHF control is only for DISH Network receiver - all other devices operate with IR control.)

Compatible with DISH Network receivers only and includes all models EXCEPT Model 7100/7200 (DISHPlayer, Model HM-DSR100RU (JVC-DVHS), Model 2000, Model 4000 and Model 5000.

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